Analee J.M. Ferreira,Lawyer

Analee J.M. Ferreira is a London Ontario based Lawyer with over 12 years of experience representing both public and private sector clients in matters relating to Municipal Law, Land Development and Civil Litigation. After obtaining her B.A. in Political Studies from Queens University, Analee went on to pursue her legal career, earning her LLB from Western Law School and being called to the bar in 2004. Committed to her community, Analee is a proud member of the London Chamber of Commerce, Law Society of Upper Canada and the Middlesex Law Association. She also enjoys spending time volunteering with CNIB.





Skilled at legal research, writing and oral advocacy, Analee has presented before various administrative tribunals and has experience before all levels of Court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. She has also been a presenter at “Six-Minute Municipal Lawyer” (2016) for the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Continuing Professional Development Program where she discussed whether a Chief Building Official can consider the Official Plan when issuing a building permit, and has written for the Lawyers Weekly.

Having been with a London local law firm for many years as an Associate and then Partner, Analee is well versed in legislation and case law affecting Municipalities. She has experience representing clients at various administrative tribunals, including:

  1. 1. Ontario Municipal Board
  2. 2. Assessment Review Board
  3. 3. Mining and Lands Commission
  4. 4. Drainage Tribunal

Ascertaining clients' objectives and strategically mapping out how to get there is the first step. This may require the traditional adversarial approach or it may require a more creative, collaborative approach. No matter what approach is strategically chosen, Analee's clients can feel confident in her unwavering commitment to thorough preparation and knowledge of the facts and the law. Whether it is in the context of a hearing or a settlement discussion, she is always prepared to provide strong legal representation.

It is important to Analee that her clients receive the highest standard of service through open, transparent communication and efficient and effective processes.

Scoping of issues early on in the process is a key aspect of the unique service that she offers her clients. Analee is a proponent that few issues require determination by a third party. A reasoned analysis of the facts and law combined with good faith discussions between the parties often take most issues off the table early in the process. Tribunal and Court hearings can become unnecessarily lengthy and costly when this work is not “front ended”.

Another trait that often differentiates Analee from others and is highly valued by her clients, is her drive to find out more. She constantly asks “why” things are being done in a particular way and remains open to finding creative, more efficient alternatives.